Infographic: The Problem with HR Filing Cabinets

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Intriguing facts about the costs and difficulties of managing employee records in filing cabinets are revealed in this informative Paperless HR infographic.

Are you aware that ten HR filing cabinets can cost nearly $3,000 per year in space alone? And that twenty filing cabinets in the HR record room can weigh as much as a mid-size car?

These facts and more are detailed in an infographic highlighting the problems of paper-based filing in Human Resources, and the advantages of an HR document management system. Beyond issues of space, the infographic delves into the inefficiencies and errors that are rampant in paper-based filing. In fact, taken as a whole, the space needed for filing may be the least of concerns affecting the bottom line!

In this HR Infographic

  • The true cost of filing cabinets
  • Key problems and solutions for HR filing and record-keeping
  • How a paperless HR strategy is helping companies save time and money

Paperless HR software offers an efficient and money-saving way to eliminate the challenges of paper-based filing. Records organized, easily searchable, and secure.

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