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Blazing Fast Document Management Software - Document Locator Columbiasoft

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With any software, usability is key to success. One measure of usability is how easy it is for people to understand and adopt in their daily business. However, even the most intuitive user experience can be plagued by performance and how long it takes to navigate and perform the tasks at hand.

Fortunately, Document Locator Document Management Software has always benefited from a simple-to-understand method of operation because it is built into Windows, and virtually everyone knows how to use Windows. The speed of navigation and opening files has also always been excellent on local networks. However, when connecting across wide area networks or using VPN, performance can be an issue for virtually any system. You are at the mercy of available bandwidth and how well the system handles long-distance communication.

Optimized for Speed

Our latest release of Document Locator, version 7.2 SP 3, tackles the dilemma of performance across long geographically remote connections when using DL’s Windows-integrated U.I. – in a big way.

In a world that is more connected than ever, people need remote access to their files in the document management system not only in the office or nearby when working from home, but worldwide as they travel or share files among corporate offices across the globe. People in the New York office work on the same documents as the London office. A manager on a business trip to Sydney reviews and signs contracts drafted in Seattle. Vendors in Singapore download files from Denver.

ColumbiaSoft engineers have retooled and optimized Document Locator’s internal engine to squeeze out every millisecond of delay, so people everywhere can access their files when they need them. With each operation in Document Locator, fewer resources are being consumed. The system is faster, able to support more simultaneous operations, and is more scalable than ever before.

Speed Comparison

Recent tests show how dramatic the improvements are. Using the Windows U.I. to connect from Europe to a repository located in the United States, routine operations like launching the document management system, navigating through folders, and opening files were timed and compared from a prior version to the latest release. The time-saving gains in performance noted in the chart are dramatic.

Document Management Software with Faster Remote Connections - Document Locator

Faster On Local Networks Too

The significant performance enhancements in the Windows Explorer edition of Document Locator are immediately realized by everyone connecting into remote repositories, including VPN connections, remote WAN connections, and connections to cloud-hosted repositories. These same improvements make Document Locator snappier on the local network too, but perhaps just not noticeable. After all, the system already served up document management locally with blazing fast speed. Performance on local networks will vary based on the speed of internal networks. However, it’s a safe bet that a 25% improvement on fast networks can be seen, and 400% to 500% improvements on slower networks are possible.

To learn more about ColumbiaSoft and the benefits of implementing Document Management Software for your company request a demo today.

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