HR Director Finds Success with Paperless HR File Management

Five Star HR Document Management Testimonial - Document Locator

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With thousands of active employee files on paper in filing cabinets, the Human Resources Director wanted a more efficient way to handle its records.

Critical Issue:
Having grown to over 50 stores across California, and several thousands of employees, managing files on paper would no longer suffice. With so much paper, it was difficult to find files when needed. Files could be in mail, on someone’s desk, or worse… lost.

Implementation of HR Document Management Software and scanning paper documents into the database for over 2,000 active employees with automated meta-tag creation to organize and enable searching of any records digitally by keyword.

Two years ago, he asked ColumbiaSoft what might be done.

Now, this HR Director is praising Document Locator and PerfectForms for a successful transition towards a paperless office.

“… I highly recommend ColumbiaSoft’s professional team and their approach to ensure a smooth implementation.”

They got started by scanning paper documents to get the current employment files into Document Locator. “The process works flawlessly to “meta-tag” every item with optical recognition capability in order to search for keywords,” commented Human Resources Director, James Lodenquai. “We work in a Windows environment and the file structure is seamless in appearance and functionality within Document Locator, and is easy to maneuver for the end users.”

Lodenquai penned his praise for Document Locator in a reference letter you can read here.

To learn more about ColumbiaSoft and the benefits of implementing HR Document Management Software for your company request a demo today.

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Document Locator Print or PDF page