Guide for Improving Document Control to Mitigate Audit Findings

Mitigate audit findings with a free guide

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The weight of audit findings often rests on the shoulders of document control—or the lack thereof. With estimates suggesting that up to 80% of audit findings stem from document control deficiencies, it’s a critical area that organizations cannot afford to overlook.

In our new comprehensive guide, we provide a framework for addressing document control issues that lead to audit findings. It emphasizes the adoption of document control software to reduce the risk of non-compliance, enhance operational workflows, and secure sensitive information.

What’s Inside the Guide?

This guide delves into the typical causes of audit findings related to document control and outlines how robust document control systems can tackle these issues. It emphasizes the critical role of version control in preventing the use of outdated documents and ensuring that only the latest, approved versions are active. You’ll learn the importance of precise indexing and secure storage for error reduction and data protection, alongside how continuous improvement in document control not only meets compliance standards but also secures a competitive advantage. Additionally, the guide addresses the essential nature of audit trails and how effective document control systems ensure thorough audits and document traceability.

Who Will Benefit?

This guide serves as a valuable resource for document controllers aiming to strengthen their management processes and address control practice deficiencies, quality assurance professionals who need to align documentation with evolving regulations, compliance officers focused on minimizing audit findings and maintaining compliance, as well as IT managers seeking to incorporate advanced document control solutions into their current systems.

Get Your Copy

Enhance your organization’s audit readiness by downloading this free guide. Let it steer you toward a future where document control is not a source of vulnerability but a testament to your organization’s commitment to quality and compliance.

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