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When thinking about how your organization collects data, there are eform opportunities everywhere.

Electronic forms are used throughout various industries in many different ways. Eforms help automate processes and workflows across multiple areas of business enabling people to collect and store various types of data with greater efficiency. Here are some example of where eForms are often used:


In Accounting, eForms are often used for Purchase Orders, Expense Reports, Capital Expenditure Requests, Mileage Reimbursement.

Human Resources

eForms are very popular in Human Resources, where they are used for Change of Status, Onboarding, I-9, Vacation Requests, Time Sheets, Employee Reviews, and more.


Engineering uses eForms in everything from Submittals and Transmittals, to Defect Tracking, Engineering Change Orders, and Product Enhancement Requests.


In Manufacturing, eForms are used in Employee Training Certification, Safety Inspections, Document Change Requests, and Quality Assurance programs.

Customer Service

Customer Service utilizes eforms for Surveys, Customer Warranty Requests, Requests for customer service, and incident reports.

Schools and Education

eForms are very popular among schools and universities, where they streamline processes in Admissions, Financial Aid, Faculty, and with Administrative Forms.


Cities, Counties and government agencies of all types and sizes use eforms to improve interaction and communication with citizens with efficient electronic Citizen Request Forms.

The types of forms are endless. Any circumstance where collecting and acting upon information or interacting with customers is taking place, these are all great uses for forms technology.

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