Six Steps for A Well Planned Document Mgmt. Software Deployment

document management software deployment

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When deploying enterprise class document management software, it’s good to do some planning ahead of time. A little preparation in advance speeds the entire process, and avoids the possibility of unnecessary delays and difficulties.

We have our own methods for DL document management software deployment that are based on a long-established, best-practices approach. It is a straightforward, six-step process that has helped so many Document Locator customers get up and running quickly with great success. At a high level, it is:

Step 1. Project Plan
Scoping the objectives, schedules, and impacts up front leaves no room for surprises later as the deployment gets underway.

Step 2. Installation
Installation of software on server(s) and client machines is usually done by system administrators and IT staff, or sometimes it is outsourced to outside IT staff.

Step 3. Configuration
User settings, security, and system functions are configured. Depending on the complexity of the configurations, and the resources available internally, outside technical assistance can add tremendous value in this stage.

Step 4. Migration
Files and data are migrated from legacy systems. Migration doesn’t always need to occur immediately, or ever. Often it depends on whether there is business critical information to bring across. Some just take a day-forward approach.

Step 5. Integration
Does the new system need to connect with other business systems? If so, integration may be needed. The complexity of the integration, and the need for one-way or two-way data exchange, will determine if experts might be needed to make the connection.

Step 6. Training
Users are eased into the system with training that brings them up to speed.


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