Document Management Software ROI Calculator

Calculate the costs of filing cabinets and realize the benefits of going paperless

To determine the ROI of a document management system, use the paperless calculator below to review the amount of money filing cabinets are costing you.

Number of filing cabinets

How many filing cabinets do you have?

Each filing cabinet takes about 7 square feet for the cabinet itself, and the room needed to access the paper files inside. A document management system requires only the space of a server, or if hosted in the cloud, no space at all!

Cost per square foot

What is the approximate annual cost per square foot of your office space? In Seattle, the average is $40.

The cost of office space varies widely depending on a number of factors including location, market value, lease, or ownership. In Seattle, Washington the average is $40 per square foot annually. At 7 square feet per filing cabinet, 10 filing cabinets could cost $2,800 per year in space alone.

Number of times a person files per day

What is the average number of times a person files or retrieves documents from the filing cabinet each day?

At an average of 5 minutes for each instance of paper filing or retrieving, if filing occurs just 10 times a day it adds up to over 217 work hours per year. At U.S. average wages, that is $5,748 in paper filing time!

Number of people filing

How many people are filing and retrieving files?

The more people involved in paper filing, the more likely files will be misplaced, left on desks, and misfiled in filing cabinets. Finding lost files takes time, and even more time is needed if files have to be re-created. The cost for mistakes is not included here, but it can be enormous.

Average hourly wage

What is the average annual wage? In the U.S., the average annual wage is $26.50.

Time spent on manual paper-based filing can be better utilized in other more productive areas of business where the cost of wages are recouped with greater value to the business.


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Hard drives are cheaper than warehouses. Consider a document management system that organizes and secures files, makes everything searchable, routes files for review, and adds retention policies.

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